Blog 2: Arrival in Mannheim

After an early wakeup and a seven hour journey from London, I am now in Mannheim!

The first few days have been very tiring settling in Mannheim, but it has all been going well so far. I spent the first day mostly travelling (with the help of my girlfriend Hannah) and buying things like bedding and towels for the flat. I am living in a lovely apartment with two other students who are studying in the university in Mannheim. Anna Lena is studying Economics and Lyson is studying Information Communications and English. They are both really friendly and I feel very lucky to have found this flat. My room is feeling more homely with plenty of photos up and I’m beginning to feel more comfortable here.

I have ventured out to the Hochschule and registered and enrolled as a student. I have met a few other bassoonists there who have helped me with processing cane using the reed machines and showed me how to book practice rooms. I have been to the library and taken out my music for the orchestra project that is beginning in a few weeks, playing Stravinsky’s Petrushka and a few other works.

So far Mannheim has been more of a change than I expected and every little task seems more tiring than it usually is. I am definitely enjoying myself but I’m taking baby steps and looking forward to the semester beginning!

Travel to Mannheim

My flat!