Welcome to Mayes Music

An online music store of arrangements by Ashby Mayes

Welcome to my online music store! My name is Ashby Mayes and I am a bassoonist from London. I have recently finished my undergraduate at the Royal College of Music and I am going onto study in Mannheim, Germany with Prof. Ole Kristian Dahl.

I have always been a keen arranger and have had works published by KOR Publishing and shared by Classic FM. I decided to create MayesMusic to publish and share my own arrangements from my website. My shop is not hugely populated yet, but I’m sure it will fill up in the years to come. When you purchase an arrangement, you are sent 3 pdfs; the full score, parts & a readme file. Due to a lot of illegal spreading of copyrighted files/music online, the full score & parts require a password to be opened. This can be found in the readme file. Please do not share the file around! Thank you for your understanding. Some arrangements will be advertised as free (Mandalorian coming soon!) because of them being in copyright, but I would still like to make these arrangements publicly available. If you download one of these, please do consider making a small donation to help maintain the website.

To purchase printed copies, commissions or discuss the publications of your arrangements, please contact me on ashbymayes@gmail.com.

I’d like to thank Ian Calow (from Calow Music Design Ltd) for building the shop for me and Kristian Oma Rønnes for his advice and guidance on arranging!

Ashby’s Favourite Scores