Göransson – Theme from The Mandalorian


Composer: Ludwig Gorannson (b. 1984)
Price: Free!
Instrumentation: 12 Bassoons, 2 Contrabassoons, Percussion and Keys

I made this arrangement in the third lockdown in 2021 after recently discovering The Mandalorian! I have always been a huge Star Wars fan but was very late to watch The Mandalorian. A friend of mine suggested I arrange this and it is one of my most requested arrangements to download. It was a pleasure to be joined by my amazing mate Adam Cracknell to record this. I am delighted to make this available for free to download on my MayesMusic. It is a free download due to the music being very much in copyright. I do not own/claim to own the rights to this music! 

N.B. This arrangement was made with a lot of sound production in mind, and was not designed for a live performance. There are various parts which have very little to do but include important harmonic moments particularly towards the end of the arrangement. Read the “Read Me’ file for some explanation to the parts and how they are named.

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